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I am able to do all things through him who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13)

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That was the being depended the words of God following His will and led by Him.  Despite being led in selfish human way sometimes, it was eventually led to the right path.  We thank again to our Lord, and promise to go forward as a school without disgrace.

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The administration office is the department handling the duties related to the academic matters for the student's academic and living affairs. In the administrative office, questions and answers for the consultation of students will be handled, and help and counseling are available for any difficulties.

The followings are the contents of main services in the Administration Office:


Project service: The service shall include establishment of consolidated plan related to the development of undergraduate and graduate schools and the operation of bachelor's degree, operation of development committees of undergraduate and graduate schools, the establishment and carrying forward the development of inducing scholarship fund, analysis and evaluation of affiliated organizations, attached departments, public relations, preparation and administration of various kinds of educational statistics, project researches for quality improvement of research activities for professors, etc.            

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