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ARTICLE 1 (Period for admission): The approved admission period shall be within 15 days from the beginning of each semester.

ARTICLE 2 (Qualification for admission): The person who can be admitted to this institution must be the person applicable to the following items, and passed the entrance examination:

           1: Course for Master degree:  Graduate from 4-year university and theological  university,  theological  seminar 

              (includingvarious schools)         

           2: Course for Doctorate degree: a): Holder of Master's degree (M. Div., MRE, Th. M.)

           b): Those received the imposition of hands, and passed 3 years thereafter.

           c): Those acknowledged by the committee of this institution

ARTICLE 3 (Application for admission): Those persons wanting for admission to this institution must pay for the applicable examination fee along with documents set forth below:

1: Course for Master's degree:

   a): 1 set of application for admission (Designated form), 3 recommendations, 1 set of self-introduction 

   B): Diploma of last school attended (University, Theological seminar) and 1 set of certificate of graduation.

   C): 1 set of full year school transcript for the last school attended.

   D): 5 photographs in business card size.

2: Course for Doctorate degree ministry:

   A): 1 set of application (designated form).

   B): 1 set of copy of master degree (academic history).

   C): 1 set of transcript (course of master degree).

   D): 1 set of certificate of imposition of hands.

   E): 5 photographs in business card size.

ARTICLE 4 (Screening for admission): The screening for admission shall be based on the following:

   1: Course for Master's degree: Shall be based on the grade of the last school attended and interview, but if needed, test on     theology, English, Hebrew, Greek may be added.

   2: Course for doctorate degree: Shall be based on grade of the last school attended and interview, but if needed, test on theology, English, Hebrew, Greek may be added.

ARTICLE 5 (Qualification of applicants) the applicants shall be qualified on the date of approval for admission, upon completion of registration for selected students registered during the period set forth.


ARTICLE 6(Registration)

1.  The registration must be made within the period set forth, for each semester. In lack of registration, the applicant will not be able to attend the classes.

2: For those who did not complete the units required, the registration must be made until the period of completion of the units, while attending.


ARTICLE 7(Request for attendance): The students who completed the registration shall request for the class attendance as follows:

1. On a request for attendance, the subject courses wanted must be written accurately and then submitted to school office.

2. The subject courses applied for may not be changed at your will. But, the cancellation of classes or change under the circumstance shall be notified for a specified time period, and then corrected.

3. The units for a semester shall be acknowledged for 24 units.

4. The credit units taken in foreign educational organization shall be acknowledged under evaluation.

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